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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Aviance Perfec Radiance.

Aviance Perfect Radiance
Reveals the charm that is difficult to conceal.
:: Nutrition Perfect for Radiance. 
Anti-aging skin. Reduce dark spots and freckles fade to white skin around the body.

 Reveals the fascination of white skin that is difficult to conceal with Aviance Perfec Radiance-rich extract exclusive Aviance. And is patented worldwide. Nutrition, which has many The higher the concentration the market. White skin, in your own skin. The people have become a passion in people with Aviance World Class quality products with Perfect Radiance today to finish perfect. Naturally this one.

1. Care is covered by four features.

  • The dark spots or blemishes to clear up skin. Essentially
  • Skin for all skin types. The smooth surface until you feel the difference.
  • Add moisture to the skin, protect skin. And help combat free radicals that damage skin. From the inside out.
  • Assist in the reconstruction of the surface layer of collagen and elastin. The scars look lighter. Ostensibly
2. Source of antioxidants. Luxurious as before. Properties of the component.

          French pine bark extract. (Pycnogenol ®):: The Maritime pine bark. Grown in the area of pine forest primeval. The selection of the largest in Europe. 30-50 year old pine bark extract Pycnogenol ®, which is known as chemical substances.Antioxidants are best able to reduce wrinkles. To fade skin look radiant and revitalized. And the white radiance of the skin as well. Exclusive one, in that Aviance.

Pomegranate extract (Pomella):: protect from breaking. Of free radicals as well. Stimulate new skin cells. Promote the circulation of blood in the surface layer of skin cells to protect DNA from damage by sunlight and helps to inhibit the enzymes that destroy collagen and elastin. Assist in the restoration of the skin. Reduce wrinkles and dark spots. Also we have many scars. And makes the skin look white, pink, naturally.

Bora and seed oil: an essential fatty acid. Nourish the body. Skin hair. And nails to soften the skin. Promote blood circulation and skin looks radiant as the time to come back to childhood again.

Zinc Amino Acid Chelate: build new cells. Mechanical skin stimulation. Accelerate the process of enzymes. Over 100 types of cells in the skin smooth, not dry.

But the acid alpha-lipoprotein: antioxidant. Free radicals that can be recycled.Damage to the back. To enhance the performance of a new life again. Of vitamin C and vitamin E, the better. A stimulating, friendly and nutrients. Promote the work of other nutrients. ใt capital more efficiently. And help care for the bright glow plug on a regular basis.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E: Helps fight free radicals. Stimulate collagen. Skin to skin.And improves efficiency. The Maritime Pine Bark. Skin radiant. Natural skin care and immunity. The natural is always beautiful.

Friday, 8 April 2011



This rich, creamy moisturizing cleanser revitalizes and restores skin radiance with its special soap-free formulation. Lavished with Bio-Fruition Complex, Mulberry Extract and Whitening Vitamin it promotes remineralization, reduces melanin production and adds fairness to skin tone.

Pack Size: 115ml


Unlike regular toners, Absolute White Refreshing Toner is the ideal pre-treatment before using the day lotion and night cream. This Alcohol-free toner is nourished with key ingredients like Bio-Fruition Complex that promotes a healthy complexion by effectively remineralizing the skin, Rose Water that refreshes skin, Cucumber Extract for a smooth soft complexion and Whitening Vitamin for enhanced fairness.

Pack Size: 100ml


This revolutionary Day Emulsion acts through ‘Time-release technology', which actively lightens the skin tone while providing moisturisation throughout the day. It effectively reduces brown spots for enhanced skin clarity and protects skin from harmful UV radiation with its SPF15 shield. Designed to work in harmony with the skin’s natural process, this special, scientific formulation has Unilever’s Vita SphereTM Vitamin C, Bio-Fruition Complex, Whitening Vitamin, Mulberry Extract and Natural Acids, to give radiant, flawless and beautiful skin.

Pack Size: 45ml


This corrective Intensive Night Cream with Time-release technology' helps rejuvenate the skin throughout the night. It keeps your skin naturally youthful and radiant by effectively eradicating brown spots and restoring the skin’s clarity and appearance at night. Fortified with active whitening ingredients like Vita SphereTM Vitamin C, Bio-Fruition Complex, Whitening Vitamin, Mulberry Extract and Natural Acids, this formulation ensures radiant, brighter and even skin tone. It promotes remineralisation and skin renewal, and reduces melanin production for a healthy complexion.

Pack Size: 40g

MRP: Rs. 7518/-


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ayush Pancha Rasayana

Modern fast paced lifestyles of today lead to stress, incorrect food habits & lack of exercise. All these factors have resulted in a stealthy increase in the incidence of Syndrome X - termed as the silent epidemic of the 21st century.
Syndrome X is defined as a cluster of disorders that increase the risk of developing coronary heart disease and diabetes.
If you have an expanding waistline, if your blood pressure tends to be high, if your blood sugar and cholesterol levels are elevated, then it’s time for your to act!
LEVER Ayush Pancha Rasayana is made from Px+TM - a unique blend of natural ingredients, that can help reduce the risk of Syndrome X and even cancer.
Modern Research has proven that the ingredients of Px+TM contain the following phytonutrients in their natural form (the way they are created by Mother Nature), which may help reduce the risk of various Lifestyle diseases mentioned below:
- α and β Carotenoids : Heart Disease. Carotenoids may also help in reducing risk of Diabetes and Cancer
- Lutein : Atherosclerosis (the condition in which an artery wall  thickens as the result of a build-up of fatty materials such as cholesterol )
- Quercetin : Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and especially Breast Cancer
- Kaempferol: Ischemic Heart Disease
- Naringenin and Hesperitin: Strokes

Price: Rs. 699/1Pack
Offer:  Rs. 2500/4Packs


Better prospects to take control of your life...
  • Opportunity to be a part of the large Hindustan Unilever family
  • Flexi-work culture and opportunity to expand social circle
  • Lowest investment for entry (Rs. 2395/- only to register as a Consultant - you will get Rs. 1400/- products with 20% discounted rate)
  • A richly rewarding Compensation (earning opportunity) Plan that provides multiple types of earning backed by a powerful business development system
  • Widest range of top quality Cosmetic, Health and Wellness, Home Care & Personal Care Products
  • Highly affordable prices. Focused training system and tools to aid business as well as self development

The Hindustan Unilever Advantage

Hindustan Unilever Network gets its unmatched strength from Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India's No. 1 Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company, with a turnover of about Rs.20,239 crores. Hindustan Unilever Network has the backing of Hindustan Unilever's matchless understanding of Indian consumers in India since 1888. HUL touches the lives of 2 out of every 3 Indians. Like its parent Company, Unilever, the mission that inspires the 40,000 employees of HUL and its group companies is to add vitality to life. To meet the everyday needs for nutrition, hygiene and personal care with brands that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life. The company has invested millions in R&D with 1000 scientists working round the clock at over 70 Innovation Centres worlwide.Over 50 crore satisfied enjoy the diverse product range of HUL, manufactured in 100 factories and involve more than 2000 suppliers and associates. HUL products are distributed through a network of over 7500 redistribution stockists to an astronomical number of towns and villages in India.

Unmatched Earning Opportunity

HULN's Unique, Break-through Compensation Plan - HULN's revolutionary Compensation Plan is the very foundation of your success in network marketing. It takes into account today's realities and the latest trends in compensation planning across the globe. At HULN, you are trained to succeed, rewarded for your performance, and recognised for your achievements.
HULN's unique Compensation Plan ensures:
. A steady and growing source of income.
. Rewards like car, house and more!
. National and International travel.

Discover 7 ways of earning
  1. Immediate Profit: Rewards self-use and sharing of products to consumers through Personal Consultancy. You pick up products from your partner at a wholesale price and share it at MRP(printed on the product).The difference in price is your Immediate Profit.
  2. Performance Bonus: Rewards your personal sales, group sales and building strong business groups. On the bonus points collected by you and your group, you earn from 4-19%.
  3. Group Volume Bonus: Rewards you for reaching a certain level of group sales and building strong business groups. As you and your team increase your business volumes, you are awarded GV Bonus of another 2% for reaching a certain Group Volume (GV).
  4. Network Bonus: Rewards you for training your downlines to share more and for increasing PV of your downlines. This bonus is given for remaining a loyal consumer and creating more consumers in the group.
  5. Leadership Bonus: Rewards you for replication, supporting and motivating breakaway groups, and building strong managers up to 7 generations. Depending on the number of leaders you have in your group, you can earn up to 7 levels deep. Rewards you for increasing GV of your down line breakaways. It is bonus paid on GV breakaways.
  6. Lifestyle Bonus 1 - Car: Rewards you for consistency of Title achievement and for consistency of your down-line Title achievement.
    Each consultant leader is eligible for 2 cars in his/her lifetime with Hindustan Unilever Network.
    1st Car - Achieve and maintain a Paid -as Title of Consultant - President for a minimum of 7 months in a rolling period of 12 months.
    2nd Car - Achieve and maintain a Paid-as Title of Consultant Vice President for a minimum of 12 months in a rolling period of 24 months.
  7. Lifestyle Bonus 2 - House Pool: Rewards you for building managers and for overall growth of business. When you achieve the paid as title as President, you are eligible for a House     pool where the Company shares a percentage of profit to buy a house of your choice.

Unmatched Product Range:

Hindustan Unilever Network offers a wide range of high-quality, high-performance products, available exclusively through trained HULN Consultants and not to be sold in the retail market. These products reflect HUL's understanding of evolving customer needs and Unilever's huge investments in technology worldwide. Each product available in the Hindustan Unilever Network is a symbol of global trust and assurance.
Lever Home - Home Care, Laundry Care & Oral Care 
Aviance - Skin Care, Cosmetics & Hair Care Range
DIY - Premium Personal Care Range for Men
Ayush Therapy - Health Care & Personal Care
Aviance Prestige - Age Defense, Absolute White and Men's Solutions

Unbeatable Value-for-money

Unlike with other Networking Companies, HULN's range includes products that have been customised to Indian needs - Products that everyone needs, uses and most importantly, can afford! No other Direct Selling company offers such a wide range of value-for-money products.

Unparalleled Physical Presence

In barely 5 years since inception, HULN has grown to a strength of over 5 lakh Consultants across 500 towns and cities in India. Backed by many offices and service centres across the nation ensure that HULN products and services are always within your reach. What's more, HULN's on-line transaction system can help you track your network performance every minute, every hour.

Personal Transformation & Enrichment

Joining the Network does not change just your professional life - it enriches your personal life as well. Better social contacts, better lifestyle, quality time to devote to friends and family, etc. HULN hones your confidence levels and leadership skills to help you evolve into a finer personality.